6 ways how to deal with the intense Cancer season


As we transition into the nurturing water sign, ruled by the moon, Cancer season begins on the 21st of June. The intense cycle lasts until the 22nd of July. Here are 6 ways to deal with the intense Cancer season.


  1. Start the season by reflecting on yourself.

Cancer season is the season where all emotions will be felt. Prepare to be feeling all kinds of feelings you didn’t even know were possible. Reflect on yourself for a moment to realize what is happening. With this, you will be ready to start the season and will not feel overwhelmed. Get ready for your feelings to have feelings.


2. Slowing life down.

So how do you actually deal with the tsunami of feelings that are about to wash over you? Two words: self-care. You should slow your life down, remembering that it’s perfectly okay to say “no” to social engagements. Set boundaries for yourself by practicing healthier habits, such as prioritizing your sleep.


3. Implement journaling in your routine

Try to implement journaling in your routine. This could be the perfect way to start your day with a cup of coffee or end the day in bed with a cup of tea and your journal by your side. Take your time to write everything down, and don’t dwell on your emotions. This is the perfect season to do so with your Guérison Zodiac candle by your side.


4. Spend time with people who get you.

During this season, you will have the feeling to prioritize your time. Spend time with people who get you. Speaking of the people in your life… You will take a beat to mull over who should and shouldn’t be on the VIP list of your life this season.


5. Comfort yourself. 

The desire for comfort this season will be huge. So naturally, you would want to spend time enjoying delicious food, preferably while hanging out with good people that feel like family to you. Light up your Guérison candle, set some tea, and spend some time together on the couch. You will have some truly unique, life-affirming conversations with your best friends that leave you with a rosy, loved-up glow. Enjoy it.


6. Rearrange your interior.

Cancer season will even impact your living situation. Reflect on your home by realizing if it feels like home to you. Then, consider rearranging your interior to create that perfect home feeling as you will desire these coming months. If your place doesn’t feel like home to you, consider exploring different neighborhoods. It’s the perfect time to do so.

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