6 ways to help the Pisces season make you heal and grow.


As the sun transitions in Neptune’s dreamy water sign, Pisces season begins the 18th of February. The enchanted cycle lasts until the 20th of March. Here are 6 ways to cultivate Pisces season and help you heal and grow. 


1. Trust your intuition. 

Look beyond the surface. The dreamy soul of the Pisces even softens the most hardened ones among us. Ruled by hazy Neptune, Pisces is a master of illusions. Therefore, consider this as the opportunity to explore what lies beyond your five senses. Focus and rely on your intuition and follow your consciousness, which will be functioning highly. Try to balance being skeptical and trustful.


2. Find your form of relaxation.

Less stress? Yes! You will experience the need for less stress in every area of your life. If work, relationships, or friendships don’t work, you will start to look for something else. Try to find a form of relaxation for yourself this season to ensure less stress. You will gravitate towards methods to create tranquility. Try online yoga classes, meditations, or candle-lit bubble baths with Guérison. This will relax the mind and enlarge positive energies due to the vital powers of the crystals. 

3. Define your goals. 

This transition in Pisces season will result in a tremendous sense of “Am I there yet?” on the road trip of life. It is the perfect time to think about your goals more thoroughly. Look at what steps you need to overcome to get to your goals. Take your time, and write it down for yourself. Visualizing your goals will help you achieve them.


4. Do a pedicure.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is the water sign ruled by Fish. Fish rule the feet. As this transition tends to focus on your toes, try to create your own pedicure space at home. Take a bath and pamper the toes. Besides, the pedicure will not only spoil the feet but pamper the mind and body too. As this season is about the energies flowing in your body, every form of self-care will enhance your powers this season.



5. Release old grudges.

Pisces govern the things that we should release. Are you holding on to grudges or painful pasts? The Pisces sun can help release those grudges mentally and help change our tunes. Try to question these grudges and experiences and reframe these into a source of inner strength. Your wounds may become healing gifts, allowing you to become better.


6. Romanticize.

Although Pisces season could be quite intense, it is also one of the most romantic and glamorous times of the year. Get ready for an early round of spring fever! Pisces energy could be high up on the cloud, making rose-colored glasses popular. Although you should not forget to have a periodic reality check to stay in touch with yourself, enjoy the Pisces season’s loving vibes. Relationships can deepen when you dare to be vulnerable.


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