6 ways to let the Aries season help you get everything you want.


As the sun transitions in Mars’s passionate fire sign, Aries season begins the 20th of March. The energizing cycle lasts until the 19th of April. Here are 6 ways to let the Aries season help you get what you desire and wish for. 

1.Get the confidence boost. 

This is the start of your solar return; a chance to rediscover your confidence and your resilience. Take this moment to plan ahead your future, and write your goals down. Focus and trust your self and opportunities will come. 

2. Enjoy the extra self-love. 

When Venus enters Aries season on March 21, it will be stimulating your self-love by reminding you how incredibly appealing and attractive you truly are. Get your fill of all this extra attention! Self-love will attract healthy choices in life.

3. Setting free old thoughts.

The magic flowing through March 2021, will enchant your subconscious. Consequently, you will be feeling everything you have been avoiding. Take the opportunity to set everything free. Release old grutches, and give yourself the chance to forgive. When things change inside you, things change around you.

4. Dare the challenge and do it. 

During Aries season, you’ll also feel a huge push to achieve and accomplish things that make you happy. Maybe you’ll take an online course to amp up your skills (hello, promotion!), or you’ll finally master that Top Chef-level dinner recipe you’ve been trying to get just right for months. Whatever it is, taking action will make you feel amazing.

5. Surround yourself with real ones.

Finding people who are 100% down with you, your qualities and all your weirdness will be a big priority this season. Especially, if you find yourself spending a lot of time together. As your energy is impacted by others energies, try to take the opportunity to surround yourself with real ones. 

6. Create a checklist.

Racking up your achievements during the Aries season may be addictive, in a good way. Try to keep doing so, even the little achievements. This will help you to stop procrastinating as much as before and start getting you to achieve your goals. Create a checklist and you will be surprised about your energy and motivating these weeks.


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