6 ways to let the Taurus season help you get everything you want.


As the sun transitions in Venus’ determined earth sign, Taurus season begins the 21st of April. The energizing cycle lasts until the 21st of May. Here are 6 ways to let the Taurus season strengthen yourself.

1. Stay true to yourself. 

Do you tend to think about the past a lot? Taurus season will bring you back to the present. Work hard, and stay true to yourself. Taurus season will strengthen your sense of living in the moment. This springtime, enjoy a drink outside or having a good time within your surroundings.

2. Defend what you know to be right.

Taurus season is the perfect time for your stubbornness to come out. Believe in what you know you are and what you care about, and do not let anyone tell you what to do. You will be able to resist what you know to be wrong for yourself and defend what you know to be right.

3. Enjoy physical pleasures. 

This season is all about sensuality. As an earth sign and ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, Taurus season is all about fun. Embrace physical pleasures this season. This could be a good dish, luxurious fabrics, or even a great haircut. Going for something easier? Take a long hot bath or a sweet afternoon nap with the Guérison candle by your side. 

4. Embrace your practical abilities.

The energy of the Taurus season is more practical. You will know what needs to be done, and you will not get carried away by thrills or attention-grabbing experiences. Embrace this energy by creating a structured to-do list per day or week. 

5. Pay extra attention to your body.

If you’re somebody who tends to get stuck in your thoughts, Taurus season can remind you to pay attention to your body, to the pleasures of your five senses. Listen to what your body says and follow your intuition. Try to listen to a meditational podcast to listen to your body even better.

 6. Create a pro list.

Taurus season is an excellent time to maintain and deepen the work on an ongoing project. It is a great month to stay committed and go the extra mile. Create a pro list to remind yourself why you are doing it. This way, your commitment will be enhanced even further.

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