6 ways to live out loud during Leo season.


As we transition into the passionate fire sign, ruled by the Sun. Leo season begins on the 22nd of July. The energetic, celebrative cycle lasts until the 23rd of August. Here are 6 ways to live out loud and get the most of Leo season. 


  1. Tell your story.

Leo season 2020 is prime for flaunting your talents. Passion will be the driving force behind everything you do. Many people will dare to be more vulnerable during Leo season but be wary of getting swept away in personal theatrics. These weeks are the perfect time to use your powerful leadership. Activate your brain by creating bulleted lists. Share your experiences and speak directly from your heart. 


2. Create your own.

Do you! Leo season encourages you to add your signature stamp to what you do. This may be experimenting with your hair and makeup or arranging your accessories and coloring. Style is a tool for self-expression. Choose your statement this season. Fiery Leo understands the concept of individuality. The only runway you need is your own these weeks.


3. Refuse to act as your age.

Leo season may have the risk of becoming very serious on yourself. Make a conscious effort to keep things fun and lighten up. Host an online happy hour, experiment with a DIY craft, or break into interpretive dance during the morning meeting to add some fun. Bring some of Leo’s life-force energy into the mix by getting creative and physical. While Leo season’s childish demands can be exhausting, the whole idea of “acting your age” deserves to be roundly dismissed.  


4. Try not to complicate things. 

Leo season stands for drama. Try to make a simple plan for the coming weeks to avoid any problems. Take a deep breath, and remember that any current situations are not the end of the world. Implement some morning yoga into your routine these coming weeks while lighting your Guérison candle to ensure a calm mind.


5. Treat yourself. 

Leo season is about the sign that loves being the center of attention, showcasing our hearts’ most authentic passions and desires. As we might be self-centered at times these weeks and excited, enthusiastic, it is crucial to keep ourselves down to earth. Do so by having a moment of rest by implementing some meditation in your routine. Light your Guérison candle and choose your routine.


6. When roaring, do it loudly.

This period is about being well-dressed, charismatic, and fiery. It’s crucial to think twice about what comes out of our mouths to make righteous roars. Infuse your intentions with love, and be passionate and full of joy.

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