6 ways to Steady your life during Libra Season


As we transition into the charming, and harmonizing air sign, ruled by Venus. Libra season begins on the 22nd of September. The vibrant cycle lasts until the 23rd of October. Here are 6 ways to get a balanced and steady life by incorporating the powers of Libra Season.


  1. Stay present.

Libra is the sign of interpersonal relationships coming to light these coming weeks. This is the perfect time to take a short break from the phone. Have the time to relax and enjoy yourself without a screen in easy reach. Implement a daily break or a daily maximum from your phone and enjoy some peaceful moments with your Guérison candle by your side.


  1. Take it easy.

Elegant Libra is the goddess of beauty, art, and social grace. This sign is truly the fairest of them all! During Libra season, embrace the divine energy—both within yourself and in your surrounding environment. An easy way to start? Simply slow down. Create a beautifully plated meal, an inspired outfit, adorn your, or implement a ritual before going to bed. Even a tiny adjustment can make a huge difference during this decadent Libran phase. It’s not about efficiency but about maximizing the amount of pleasure you take in every experience. 

  1. Set your mood to ‘happy.’

It may sound oversimplified, but putting yourself into a happy, love-filled state of mind can actually attract more of the same. By radiating love and positivity, you can have a healing influence on the people in your immediate field. So take a moment, light up your Guérison candle, and have a moment of realization. It’s time to be happy.


  1. Channel the healing powers of art & beauty.

Libra season is the perfect time to tap into your creative energy and take in all that fills your heart. Create a playlist that lifts your spirits. Look at paintings, sculptures, or a gorgeous scene somewhere out in nature. Simply surround yourself with beauty and all that gives you joy. 


  1. Choose love over fear.

Love is what we are born with, and fear is what we learn. It’s time for some un-learning and let yourself go. Libra season is all about romance, enhancing love at all perspectives in life. Take the most of it by embracing it and following your first thoughts of intuition. 


  1. Listen and speak up.

Libra is the sign of justice. These coming weeks will strengthen our feeling of taking the lead with a healthy dose of confidence and compassion. Libra season is all about using your mental gift. Listen to your intuition and speak your mind. Virgo season helped you spot the flaws, while Libra season is now inviting you to solve the cracks. Be with your loved ones, and tune into their needs. 


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