Halloween Blue Full Moon

Halloween Blue Full Moon

This year’s full moon on 31.10.2020 is a very special full moon. As the second full moon of October, this moon is a Blue Moon. The last Blue Moon on a magical day as Halloween has last happened 76 years ago. 

A full moon always falls under one specific astrological sign. Every sign carries different energies and themes, and we can use this information to connect us with the cosmos. This full moon will be in Taurus. Taurus is the most sensual of the earth signs and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. 


What are the affects of this blue full moon?

This blue full moon in Taurus, you will have vivid dreams and heightened intuition. The gates of our dimensions will be opened as the veil will be thinner, creating the ability for your loved ones to visit you. 

This full moon is perfect to heal and release within your family. The full moon will illuminate the truth, promote our commitments, supercharge focus on our intents and boost our harvest. Take time to appreciate nature and engage with your senses. Think of walking outside barefoot and inhaling the spring air.


What to do during the full moon?

1. Take a bath 

Take a bath or a shower and wash your worries away while setting up the right mindset before your full moon rituals. It is the perfect example of self-care, supporting you to overcome stress and make you feel good about yourself.

2. Light a candle

Light a candle and create your own peaceful space, using a scented candle from Guérison.  Not only do they smell heavenly, but since the Zodiac Collection is tailored to your personal astrological sign, it will help you release uplifting, positive, energising, and calming vibrations.

3. Meditate 

Full moon meditations are a powerful way to connect with the luminous lunar energy and control the energic power of the moon’s light. Think about the things that you’re grateful for and what you want to accomplish.

4. Release Journal  

This is a crucial step. After having a bath/shower and having meditated, take your journal or notebook and write down a list of all the things that you would like to release. It can be emotions, situations or people. Words are super powerful, and the full moon is a great time to let go of things that do not make you fortunate. 

5. Manifest 

Manifesting is a creative process where you can visualise and believe in a certain experience so that you can allow it to become reality. Think about what you would like to attract in your life. You can practice manifesting to attract whatever you want, whether that’s a successful business, a relationship or even a material object.

6. Charge your crystals 

Last but definitely not least, finish your full moon ritual by charging your crystals. Leave your crystals by the window or outside under the moonlight, where the moonlight can perfectly reach them. This method will charge them up and give them a boost under the moonlight. You can even charge the Guérison candle by leaving it under the moonlight while sleeping in order to boost the crystal’s powerful energies.


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