Guérison loves Mother Earth

Guérison chooses Mother Earth

Guérison, inspired by the powerful strength and beauty of the universe, stands for healing and aims to bring guidance, love, and inner peace. Guérison is proud to produce only natural and sustainable products. Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose Guérison Home when choosing for Mother Earth.


1.Core focus on environmental consciousness

Guérison is proud to produce only natural and sustainable products in order to promote a symbiotic relationship with our planet. This ethos permeates the brand in all creative facets of production; from design to process. To this end, we hope to spread awareness on the palpable effects of climate change and the current critical state of our environment.

2. Hand-made throughout the entire process

Guérison candles are developed, mixed, and hand-poured with all-natural soy vegan wax, fragrance oils, and hand-picked crystals. This ensures the finest quality, while creating a positive impact on the environment. Guérison believes in being sustainable, without any additional effort on your end. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.

3. Friendly packaging

Our packaging materials are made out of biobased bubble wrap and green filling chips. Biobased bubble wrap is environmentally friendly, and we use it to protect our product during packaging and shipment. This bubble wrap carries the “I’m green” quality mark because it is made of at least 60% cane sugar. Better yet, you can fully recycle it! To top it off, we work with green filling chips which are 100% biodegradable – an excellent alternative to foam. 

4. Supporting local business

We strive for sustainability throughout all aspects within the operational process. We do so by supporting local businesses within the Netherlands, and work with them for our manufacturing services. 

5. Transparent and independently run

As an independent female-run brand, Guérison is fully involved in its creative design process. We are adamant in creating a valuable, high-quality product, which is reflected in our Guérison recipes. 




Tailored to your personal astrological sign, each zodiac candle has a different birthstone associated with the birth month. Crystals release positive, uplifting, and calming vibrations that can strengthen the positive energies in your life. The Zodiac Collection is a scented awakening of the combination of the fruity pomegranate, with juicy plum and fresh roses. Patchouli, cedarwood, violet leaves, and spices ground you in a rich, fresh, and earthy oasis, coming to rest on a base of musk, amber, vanilla, and leather.

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